Sarabee:  Sarabeth Parido 

We live on a beautiful farm in the heart of the Bluegrass State.  Never thinking that I would be a farm girl, this whole adventure has given me inspiration in my work.  I am constantly looking to express myself in a new way-  through music, through spinning and dying yarns, through knitting and crochet, through painting spindles and working on the farm.  We currently raise chickens and turkeys, I have two beautiful Jersey Wooly rabbits, two cats, five dogs and three amazing little boys.  

Our goal on our farm is to move towards sustainability and good stewardship of the land.  We are learning step by step (mostly trial by fire!), but we desire to share our passion for our homestead with our family and friends and anyone else who appreciates a nice quiet night swing on the porch.  

I aspire to keep a blog, The Legacy of the Cornbread Skillet, although often times I'm too busy living life to write about it!