10 years in a blink...

July 6, 2017
Sarabee Designs is celebrating 10 years this month!  I can hardly believe that.  But it's true!  Started in my kitchen on my birthday out of a desire to create and sell things I love... and 10 years have just blown by in a blink.

My children are growing up quickly... what started out as a cottage business to make a little extra money for my growing family (back when I just had two toddlers actually-- and now my third child is turning 9!!)- exciting things are still happening!

I'm the proud recipient of a value-added Small Farmer's Grant to add some new tools to my arsenal here on the farm!   I'm bulking up my studio, adding a new loom, a new wheel, a drum carder and some other fun fiber tools to better utilize my fiber from my sweet sheep and actually get this Fiber Farm running!  My husband has jokingly said we've been insulating our basement with wool for the last couple years, so I have plenty to spin and dye and create with! I have plenty of Babydoll wool to spin and Shetland and I will be adding other local fibers as well! 

In other good news, my job as the Director of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival is also expanding.   I'm now the Director of Kentucky Wool and Fiber Marketing.   We are building a network we call the Kentucky Fiber Trail... we want to help connect the wool and fiber producers of Kentucky to the consumers and retail outlets of Kentucky.  We want to create and online and physical trail for people to travel to agritourism locations, fiber mills, small farms, small businesses and fiber related events throughout the state!   

So much is going on around our farm and lives lately!  I do hope you'll check back in from time to time and see how things are progressing!   


a little about sb...

Sarabeth, Sara, SB, Mommy... I'm a wife, mommy, friend, spinner, knitter, all around fiber artist, yarn maker... My favorite color is currently rainbow. I'm delightfully indecisive. I'm creatively organized which pretty much means I'm a type B mess.

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