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2021. Smells like potential...

Oh boy. Goodbye 2020! Don't let the door hit ya. What a year last year turned out to be. It's actually slightly shocking that we're in January of a new year when it feels like last year both never really started and at the same time lasted about a million years. I don't know if anyone else feels caught in that paradox... but today's the first real week of the new year and I want to make the most of it!

(Shameless plug for Ted Lasso here... if you just need an honest shot of sunshine... watch it.)

Here on the farm we have been working hard this last year with house renovations, a new workshop, new animals- just lots of life and movement. We've had a vision for what we want this farm to be... and I feel like we're getting closer. It feels new again. I feel ready to tackle some of the challenges that have felt too big and too daunting. Sarabee Designs turns 13 this year. A teenager. She has morphed from indie dyed yarns, to handspun yarns, to a yarn shop, to wool producing yarn farm with handmade items. I designed my first ever crochet pattern- and even sold 1 copy! I know 1 is not a lot and it's certainly not viral... but it meant so much to see that someone I didn't know saw what I made and wanted to make it too. It made me feel alive and I want to do more of that. I had a wonderful time vending at the very crowd controlled Christmas Artisan Market at Mustard Seed Hill this year. It made me really want to fix the focus of all the things Sarabee Designs has been and could be and really figure out what exactly my brand is. Being a creative means straddling the line of being contained and uncontained... it's kinda scary. It's vulnerable because I pour so much of myself into what I make. But it smells like potential.

So onto the new year. I've got a new studio space in our house... my husband and sons (and family friends) worked hard to get me into my space by the new year. Now the moving in part begins. I finally have my very own space... it's tucked away in our basement so it's just mine. I have some massive storage shelves and a huge desk to create at. Organizing sometimes paralyzes me-- probably why I'm writing a blog and not down there sorting right now. But I do love it. I have visions of safer, non-COVID-times knit and spin nights on the back patio coming off my studio. Watching the sheep graze in the sunset. It's all a very romantic notion. It smells like potential.

We are expecting spring lambs in April, new breeds, new fleeces. Potential.

The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival Committee has been planning for a 2021 festival. Of course- contingent on COVID safety protocols allowing it-- but still--Potential.

The Kentucky Natural Fiber Center has nothing BUT potential getting to build and craft a space for producers and crafters to learn, create and market their fiber. I'm so excited to be involved in building that.

I'm going to just try to ride this new year potential high as long as I can. There's so much to be hopeful for. So much to try and learn and grow from.

I hope your new year smells like potential, too.

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