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A new old thing...

I love new things... beginnings, births. This is part of that for me. Rebuilding my website. Redefining my "brand". It gives me hope, it makes things feel shiny and new. I started Sarabee Designs 11 years ago. Back when I just had two little boys underfoot. I wanted to make fiber things I loved. In that time, I have run my Etsy store on and off, opened and closed a brick and mortar shop in our hometown and am now raising my own small flock of sheep and have four boys keeping me busy around the farm.

Over the last 4 years, I've also been the Director of the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and have worked to bring fiber artists and producers together with the Kentucky Fiber Trail. I have been inspired by local artists and farmers alike and as we look ahead to the future of what I want to do with my sheep, my fiber and my business it became very clear: I want to make more beautiful things with what I grow here on the farm. I want to produce it more myself - sheep to skein and beyond.

I also love to write and take pictures... and I'm hoping to make better use of that in the days ahead using this new site as well. So keep your eyes here, subscribe to my site, I'm already heavy into prep for Christmas gifts... I've got some brand new things I think you'll love!

Shetland Twins Buttercup and Alder

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